The 6 D’s of Real Estate

the three d's of real estate
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

6 events in life, that all happen to begin with the letter D, oftentimes have a direct result for Real Estate NEEDS.

There are those that “want” to buy or sell homes and those that “need” to buy or sell homes. No matter what the real estate market is doing, people need to buy and sell homes. Life happens, and we live on the only planet (that we know about) where it will continue to happen without any regard for where we stand economically.

We experience many of the 6 D’s of Real Estate listed below. When we do, different thoughts come to mind and we’re faced to make certain decisions, answering the question, “What next?” Usually, when the “what next” question is asked, Real Estate is involved in the answer: Do we keep the home? Sell the home? Can we afford it? Do we need a bigger one? What happens with the house?

Listed below are the 6 D’s of Real Estate…


After a loved one passes, families are forced to decide what to do with the home. If the living spouse is the only one left on the title, a decision needs to be made. The home could remind somebody of the deceased and be too difficult to stay. Maybe it’s too much house for one less person or too much work for one less person. If the home is inherited by a loved one, different scenarios arise: Do we move in? Do we renovate the home? Or hold onto it as a rental? Regardless, even if the decision is made to keep the home, death forces tough conversations or thoughts around real estate.


Congratulations, you brought a beautiful baby into the world. It’s an amazing moment in your life. But you may find yourself looking around and asking yourself if there’s enough space. Do we need a bigger home? An extra bedroom? Larger backyard even. These little babies in your home, wearing diapers, are an influential part in choosing where to live and what is needed. 


Real Estate is one of the biggest discussions, assets, and decisions brought into divorce. Who keeps the home? Do we sell the home and split the proceeds? Do we buy the other one out? Whatever it is and whatever may come up, Real Estate will be at the top of the agenda when it comes to divorce.


Empty nesters and those with too much space in their homes, need to downsize. There are those that have rooms that aren’t even being used anymore. I even know parents that purposely chose to downsize just to ensure their kids couldn’t move back in! Whatever the reason, many are in a position where they need to downsize.


Now, this can be either good debt or bad. For those that have taken on bad debt in an amount that is no longer manageable, making a decision regarding one of the largest assets (Real Estate) is at the top. But maybe somebody is in a position where they’ve paid off their debts, or have brought them down to a very healthy level. Well now, these are the ones that might be considering a home purchase. Real estate as always is at the forefront of debt conversations and decisions.


Those defaulting on their mortgage loan but have equity in their homes are in a completely different position than those that are defaulting without equity (underwater) on their homes. The homeowners with equity can determine if they need to sell, restructure their loans, restructure their investments, or lean on the equity they’ve built. No matter the position somebody is in, default, our last D puts a direct impact on real estate.

So there you have it, the 6 D’s of Real Estate: Death, Diapers, Divorce, Downsizing, Debt, and Default.


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