Stipe Lasić

Director of Marketing

Message from Stipe:

Hi, I’m Stipe Lasić, the Director of Marketing for the Sackin-Stone Team. I specialize in creating dynamic digital strategies to connect you with your real estate dreams, and I’m ready to assist you in any way possible on your journey.

About Stipe:

Stipe Lasić is a forward-thinking Director of Marketing at the Sackin-Stone Team, renowned for his effective approach to digital marketing strategies. Despite a degree in Biochemistry from Long Beach State University, Stipe discovered a natural talent for marketing and has made it his professional passion. Self-taught and certified in Google Ads, Google My Business, and Google Search, Stipe’s transformative touch to the team’s marketing efforts has played a significant role in the team earning the title of ‘Best in Marketing’ through the Seven Gables Real Estate brokerage year after year.

Prior to the Sackin-Stone team, Stipe honed his leadership and team management skills at the City of Huntington Beach Parks and Recreation Department. These experiences, along with his keen eye for detail and understanding of foundational marketing principles, have propelled the Sackin-Stone Team to new heights. Stipe strongly believes in a solid marketing foundation, much like a strong home foundation, for lasting success and impact.

As part of his commitment to stay ahead of marketing trends, Stipe spends time each day immersing himself in industry research and articles, keen on maintaining the team’s innovative edge. His six-year journey with the team reflects his dedication to the mantra “Do what others won’t today so that you can do what others can’t tomorrow”. The continuous striving for excellence and dedication to client satisfaction is what Stipe identifies as the heart of the Sackin-Stone team’s success.

Away from his role, Stipe is a technology enthusiast who loves building computers, exploring new software and programs, and modeling with his 3D printer. A fervent reader of historical fiction, he has a special interest in Viking and English history. Stipe’s diverse range of interests and commitment to continuous learning and improvement are reflected in his approach to his professional role, always seeking innovative solutions and new ways to create value for clients

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