7 Ways To Search For Off-Market Opportunities

7 Ways To Search For Off-Market Opportunities

It’s no secret the Orange County real estate market is drastically under-supplied. There is hardly anything available for motivated and qualified buyers right now. If you’re looking at active inventory only, you (or your agent) aren’t doing everything they can to find you your dream home. It’s all about knowing where to look. 

As a potential homebuyer, did you know there are off-market opportunities that could have you stepping through the door of your dream home before anyone else, and without competition? Let’s explore these strategies your buyer’s agent can help with to uncover these hidden opportunities for you.



  1. Tapping Into Pending Sales: The real estate market is unpredictable, with nearly 20% of escrows not making it to the finish line. Your agent can be the early bird, keeping tabs on pending / under-contract listings. If an escrow seems like it’s faltering, and your agent is starting on it,  you’ll be positioned to swoop in first. Most of the time listing agents and sellers don’t want to put the home back on the open market… so that means no competition!


  1. Leveraging Past Success: Relationships matter. Your agent should have a vast pool of potential sellers who might just be contemplating a move. For example, we at the Sackin-Stone Team have a network of over 1500+ past clients. A timely check-in to our database could lead to a match made in real estate heaven. Having somebody local with a vast network may make all the difference.


  1. Social Media Savvy: By posting targeted videos on social media platforms, your agent isn’t just showcasing homes—they’re strategically reaching out to potential sellers with homes that align with your wishlist. We at the Sackin-Stone Team take it a step further. If you know us, you may have seen some of our paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. Why do we do this? We do this because it works! We love helping both sellers AND buyers find the perfect fit.


  1. Writing Your Intentions: Sometimes, the old ways have the strongest voice. Sending out personalized letters to selected neighborhoods can nudge a homeowner who’s been on the fence about selling right into your path. If you’re a current homeowner, you may have seen a letter or two like this. They work! But the best ones are more personal, maybe with a photo of the family. We’re constantly sending out personalized letters on behalf of our buyers for their dream communities and neighborhoods.


  1. The Neighborhood Knock: It’s proactive, it’s personal—it’s your agent going door-to-door in your ideal locale, inquiring directly about potential sales. Maybe the letters didn’t work. That’s ok, doesn’t mean the homeowner isn’t interested in selling. Maybe they thought the letter was a solicitation. If you take it a step further, especially after your letters have gone out and knock on doors, you may just find the right homeowner at the right time. When the agent AND the buyers go knocking together, that’s where we’ve seen the most success.


  1. Reviving the Expired: Some listings don’t sell the first time around. Your agent can find out why and if they’re still interested in selling. Anytime a homeowner places their home on the market for sale, there is a reason and a motivation as to why. Chances are, that motivation is still there. We have tools at our disposal that will allow us to pull all homes that have been taken off the market AND have not since sold. This would be a great place to start.


  1. Networking at Its Finest: As part of an expansive network of realtors, your agent should be in the loop about homes that haven’t hit the market yet. Networking can uncover listings that are perfect for you before they’re ever advertised. For example, there are more than 400 agents within our brokerage, and many have listings that are coming soon. We tend to be the first to know about them. In addition to the agents within our brokerage, we’ve amassed a network of more than 1000+ real estate agents in our local marketplace that we can reach out to. Networking is a great thing and could be the difference between striking out on the open market and finding your dream home.



If finding an off-market home in Orange County appeals to you, then it’s time to make your move (get it…hehe). Our team at Sackin-Stone is specialized in navigating these hidden opportunities and is dedicated to connecting you with a home that fits all of your needs.

Your dream home might not be listed yet, but it’s out there. Contact us at the Sackin-Stone Team, and let’s find your off-market gem together.

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