5 Easy Tips to get your Guest Bath Ready for the Holidays

Photo by Joey

In the coming days for many people, one thing is for certain: that company’s coming! Once your guests are past the holiday lights and the inviting wreath on the front door, they’ll come in, jingle & mingle, eat and drink.

Inevitably the one thing they’re all going to have to do is go to the ‘Loo’. Please follow these five easy tips and your guest bath to make sure this often overlooked but highly used room is as inviting as the rest of the house.


Take the cue from our real estate home stagers, and remove toothbrushes, water pics, lotion bottles, small appliances, and anything on the counters, shelves, etc. The bathroom should be a neutral zone, that’s dressed for the holidays, not a display for your daily hygiene needs.

Deep Clean

In the bathroom, this is super easy because it’s such a small space. Make sure the toilet and all the surrounding floor and wall areas up about 3 ft. have been scrubbed clean. Countertops, hardware, window sills, towel bars, tops of medicine cabinets, shower doors, etc. should all be spotless. Be sure all horizontal surfaces are dusted.

Go Green

Get rid of anything that’s artificial, and add a small holiday-themed plant or a small vase of flowers on the countertop or other area, depending on space.


Jettison the everyday bath towels and splurge for something that’s either neutral or nods to the holidays. With Target stores popping up everywhere now, it’s a quick in and out and I find their inexpensive towels a great value. At the very least, be sure all towels are freshly washed, folded, and neatly displayed.

Bonus tip: consider getting disposable bath hand towels and set them out on a nice tray. It’s a few pennies more to get good-quality ones, and they matter! These days especially, everyone appreciates having a single-use towel. Once these are on your radar, they’re easy to find. I’ll also add an extra small waste basket to set next to the sink if the main waste basket is somewhere else.

Add some Ambiance

Add some ambiance with a single candle or a few small votives. I prefer to let the dancing light of a candle create the mood and go for unscented. In a pinch, you can grab a few votives, group them, and just place them in a small glass. I always have votives on hand and get them in bulk on the cheap at IKEA. For pillar candles, you can’t beat Trader Joe’s, but they’re seasonal and go quick. I stock up.

That’s it. Two easy cleaning chores coupled with three decorative touches, and your guest bathroom, or whichever bath becomes the guest bath, is company ready.

This checklist can be used anytime throughout the year when you’re having company as well. It’s not just for holidays. It’s easy to overlook, but the bathroom is an extension of the impression your entire home evokes.


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