Open House Etiquette: Avoid These Faux Pas

Whether you're a seasoned homebuyer or a newbie to the world of real estate, open houses are a great way to explore potential properties and picture yourself in your future home.
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Whether you’re a seasoned homebuyer or a newbie to the world of real estate, open houses are a great way to explore potential properties and picture yourself in your future home. However, not following the unwritten rules of attending an open house can sometimes lead to uncomfortable situations. Below, we’re going to discuss the most common open house faux pas and how you can avoid them.

The Timing Issue: Only Attend During The Listed Hours

A real estate open house isn’t a casual get-together – it’s a scheduled event. It’s crucial to respect the listed hours and refrain from arriving too early or too late. Doing otherwise can be perceived as disrespectful to both the homeowners and the real estate agents. Remember, proper timing is everything!

Bathroom Breaks: If The House is Open, The Toilet Isn’t

Need to go? Make sure to do so before you attend the open house. Using the restroom during an open house is generally considered impolite unless expressly permitted. Homeowners typically prepare their homes meticulously for these events, and it’s essential to respect their privacy and space.

Holding Your Tongue: Save Your Comments For Later

Open houses can be exciting and stir up a lot of emotions and opinions. However, remember to keep your thoughts to yourself until you’re out of earshot. Today, many homeowners have smart-tech devices with listening capabilities and you can bet they’re listening! Maintain a respectful silence while in the house and save the discussions for later.

Respecting Personal Space: Wait For Others To Exit A Room Before Entering

When the open house is crowded, it can be tempting to squeeze into a room alongside others. However, it’s crucial to give each other enough space to view the room properly. Wait for others to exit before entering, ensuring everyone gets a fair chance to explore without feeling crowded.

Follow The Rules: Respect The Shoes-Off Or Booties Rule

Every home has different rules. If the homeowner or the agent has requested you take off your shoes or wear booties, make sure to comply. This shows respect for the homeowner’s property and helps keep the home clean.

Keep Your Cards Close: Don’t Reveal Your Budget In Front Of Others

Remember, other open house attendees aren’t just potential neighbors – they’re competitors. It’s crucial to keep your budget and financial details private. This prevents potential bidding wars or influencing other buyers’ offers.

Sign In: Don’t Forget To Sign In

Often, people forget or even refuse to sign in during an open house. Not only is this essential for the agent to track attendance, but it also ensures you’ll receive updates about the property. So, make it a point to find the sign-in sheet as soon as you arrive. Believe me, agents will remember the small handful of those that refuse.

Child Supervision: Keep An Eye On Your Little Ones

If you’re attending an open house with children, ensure they are well-behaved and respectful of the property. This includes not touching delicate objects or running around the house. Supervise them at all times to prevent any accidents or damage.

Cleanliness Is Key: Be Tidy, Clean Up After Yourself

While attending an open house, remember you are a guest and should leave the house as clean as you found it. This means not leaving any trash or personal belongings behind. If you’ve enjoyed a provided beverage or a snack, make sure to dispose of any waste properly. Cleanliness not only shows respect for the homeowners, but it also allows every attendee to enjoy the same clean, pleasant environment that you did.

In Conclusion

By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure a pleasant open house experience for everyone involved. Remember, an open house is a chance to explore potential homes, so treat each one with the same respect you would want for your own home. Happy house hunting!


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