Pipe Scope Inspection – How you can save $1,000s

Pipe Scope Inspection - How you can save $1,000s
Image by Tom from Pixabay

This Inspection Can Save You $1000s! Pro Tip on what to look for.

Whether you’re buying an older home, currently own an older home, buying a home with a large tree(s) on the property, or currently own a home with a large tree(s) on the property, a pipe scope inspection can potentially save you a ton of money and a huge headache.

For those buying a home within the criteria above, scheduling a general home inspection is an absolute must at a minimum. But I would highly recommend that you schedule a pipe scope inspection as well. It’s an inspection that costs about $300 and will tell the story of your sewer main line.

A small camera goes into your line which can determine the material of the pipe and if there are any issues or any potential future problems. Does your pipe show wear, cracks, blockage, or roots? Is the material of the line something that hasn’t been used in over 50 years such as Orangeburg? Do you have a 2-way cleanout? If not, do you need one?  All of these questions can be answered by this inspection.

I personally didn’t schedule one when I purchased a home (shame on me), but quickly realized the value of having one. So I hired an inspector to come to tell me the story of what was going on (2 years after I purchased the home). I had a blockage. I needed to add another cleanout. The material of my pipe wasn’t the newest ABS, but it was in decent shape. Nevertheless, I had some homework to do and quick remediation to take care of. But the quick inexpensive remediation will hopefully prevent a major, long, expensive problem from surfacing. 

So I encourage whether you’re buying a home or already own one… schedule this inspection and get ahead of any issues instead of adding extra stress to your lives in dealing with one.

Pro tip: I would recommend hiring a company that ONLY does pipe scope inspections and NOT repairs. A company that has zero incentive if they find an issue or not. As always, if you need a referral to a great pipe scope inspector, let us know… we ALWAYS have you covered.


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