Should I Schedule a Home Inspection Before I Sell? Scott vs. Lane

If you’ve ever bought or sold a home before, then you’re probably quite familiar with the standard practice of a home inspection—an important part of the real estate process that allows buyers to get a home thoroughly checked out before proceeding with a purchase. But would getting a home inspection before listing make a sale easier—and potentially more profitable—for sellers?

The home inspection serves a couple of key purposes, including informing buyers of any major repair needs that may impact their desire to purchase the property. And in many cases, it results in a few back and forth negotiations between buyer and seller in terms of repair requests or price modifications. If you’re a seller, getting a home inspection in advance might be able to cut down on these types of negotiations, as well as help you close the deal at or above listing price.

Home Inspection – Scott’s Take

Scott Sackin’s take on the benefits of scheduling a home inspection before you sell your home

Home Inspection – Lane’s Take

Lane Stone’s take on the benefits of scheduling a home inspection before you sell your home


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