Fall Cleaning: Quick Tips for Big Results

We've all been acquainted with the tradition of Spring Cleaning, that exhaustive task that often consumes a weekend and leaves our houses transformed.
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We’ve all been acquainted with the tradition of Spring Cleaning, that exhaustive task that often consumes a weekend and leaves our houses transformed. But before we get caught up in the bustle of holiday preparations and awaiting guests, I’ve found solace in embracing a bit of Fall cleaning. It’s swift, covering my checklist in just 30-45 minutes, yet the impact is immense.

In the Kitchen

  1. Air Gap Cleaning: Nestled on top of your sink, this tiny silver-capped component ensures your dishwasher drains effectively. A simple damp cloth, toothbrush, and dish soap work wonders to make it spotless.
  2. Range Hood Exhaust Fan Filters: Looks can deceive. Even if they seem clean, they might be coated with grease. Soaking them in warm water and dish soap, then a run in the dishwasher, restores their shine.
  3. Cooktop Knobs: Although we clean them routinely, a periodic soak in soapy water can make a difference. Simply detach, dip, dry, and reattach.
  4. Dishwasher Filter: Modern dishwashers have mesh filters preventing food bits from resettling on your dishes. Simply pop it out and give it a rinse.

In the Bathroom

  1. Sink’s Overflow Outlet: Often overlooked, this tiny hole needs attention. A toothbrush and scouring powder can quickly bring its sparkle back.
  2. Toilet Bolts: Hidden beneath plastic covers lie these bolts, gathering dirt. A quick wipe is all it takes.

Around the House

  1. Light Bulbs: While we frequently clean the lamp’s base and shade, the bulb is often neglected. A damp microfiber cloth can change that.
  2. Wall Switches: Regardless of their type, sometimes a duster isn’t enough. A damp cloth can quickly remove accumulated grime and fingerprints.
  3. Door Knobs and Cabinet Pulls: High-touch yet often ignored, these surfaces need occasional sanitizing. A sanitizing wipe followed by a dry microfiber cloth works wonders.

Once you dive into these tasks, you may spot other neglected areas in your home. It’s a perfect opportunity to address them and perhaps incorporate them into your regular cleaning routine. Though I proudly wear the “clean freak” badge, nothing irks me more than encountering a sticky spot or noticeable stain just as guests arrive. Thankfully, the aforementioned list ensures most of these commonly overlooked areas receive their due attention, and in record time. Happy Fall Cleaning!


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