Is Your Guest Room Five-Star Ready? 10 Essential Tips!

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

We’ve all been there: the unexpected (or long-awaited) call that friends or family are coming to stay. For those of us with dual-purpose rooms, the scramble begins. Is that office-slash-guest room really ready to make your loved ones feel at home? Ensuring your guests feel comfortable can make a world of difference to their stay. And trust me, turning your guest room into a luxurious retreat isn’t as difficult as it seems. Here are ten steps to ensure your guests feel like they’re checking into a five-star hotel:

1. Declutter and Depersonalize

Take cues from home stagers! Clear out daily routine items temporarily. Opt for plastic tubs to store your stuff and ensure all desks and horizontal surfaces are free from personal clutter.

2. Tech Up Their Space

Ensure compatibility with most devices. Stock up on extra chargers and make sure your Wi-Fi login is easily accessible, be it on a fancy sign or a humble post-it.

3. Personal Landing Spots

A dish or bowl near the bed can be an ideal spot for guests’ personal items like watches, rings, and wallets.

4. Clear The Air

Freshen up the room days ahead, but remember, not all sprays are guest-friendly. Be mindful of potential allergies.

5. Luxe Linen Experience

Dedicate a set of fresh sheets for your guests. Inspect all beddings for any signs of wear, stains, or dirt. If your pet lounges on the bed, a trip to the dry cleaner might be in order.

6. Workspace Considerations

Even on vacation, some guests may need to work. Create a welcoming workspace with basic supplies. A multipurpose round table can act as both a nightstand and a workspace.

7. Closet Space

Allocate a generous space in the closet for guests’ clothes. An area for their suitcase, perhaps on the floor of the closet, will be a thoughtful touch.

8. Ambient Lighting and Mood

A high-quality candle and neutral scents can set a relaxing mood. Ensure functional lighting, especially a reading light for the book lovers.

9. Spotless Environment

Deep clean the guest room. Moving furniture to vacuum and dusting meticulously can make the room shine.

10. Final Flourishes

Impress with the smallest details. Fresh flowers, artisan water bottles, and mints (like the spearmint Lifesavers I adore) can be delightful finishing touches.

A Pro Tip: When your guests arrive, give them a mini-tour of the room to show the effort you’ve put in. It’ll make them feel even more welcomed and valued.

In Conclusion

These 10 steps can elevate the guest experience in your home. Remember, it’s the thoughtful touches that often leave the most significant impact. Happy hosting!


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