Porch Appeal vs Curb Appeal

porch appeal vs curb appeal

Porch Appeal vs Curb Appeal: Know the Difference!

How much thought have you given your front porch lately? Today’s episode might get you thinking more about how to amp up your porch appeal. We bet you have heard of curb appeal but porch appeal maybe even more important from a buyer’s perspective. Know the difference between porch appeal vs curb appeal!

In this video, Scott is playing the role of the agent and Lane is our potential buyer. Lane times how long it takes Scott to unlock the front door with his electronic key and during that time Lane points out the many observations a prospective buyer will note while they wait. The landscape is well maintained, the brick pavers are in good condition and the neighbor’s home across the street exhibits pride of ownership. After one minute and 5 seconds, Scott has unlocked the door and Lane notes that already he has formed an opinion about the house in that short time.

Cobwebs, dirt, and dust on porch lights and around the doorway can also affect a buyer’s impression – and you only get one first impression. So take a step outside and give your porch appeal a good look! Even if you have no plans to sell, think about what guests see when they arrive at your home. What impression do you want them to have? Porch appeal vs Curb appeal.

If you have any questions or would like more tips on how to showcase your home in the best light, continue to tune in to our videos. They are filled with tips and tricks!

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